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Building offline first web and mobile applications using React, PouchDB & CouchDB

July 19, 2022

On my spare time I have started to create a video tutorial building offline first web and mobile applications using the Ionic, React, TypeScript, PouchDB and CouchDB including creating a gateway API for user and database management. We will utilize as much free and proven tools as available to us for security and for faster development.

The tutorial is 3 parts:

  1. CouchDB database setup, usage and deployment. Tech stack: CouchDB.

  2. Building and deploying gateway for user and database authentication and management. Tech stack: Node.js, Express, TypeScript.

  3. Building the offline-first, multi-user web & mobile application. Tech stack: Ionic, React, TypeScript, PouchDB.

    We will create a cost splitting application for groups of users. Each user will be able to enter how much they've spent and for whom it was spent. Using the sync functionality, all users will be able to see who owes whom and how much. The multi-user functionality will require online capabilities; however, the app will continue to work when offline and will re-sync (replicate) when it's back online; creating a seamless user experience.